How Can You Make More Money Helping Your Clients?

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We Are Your Partners for Success!

Do you have clients with WordPress websites? Are you looking for a way to help them on a continual basis? If so, WP Scrub may be just what you need to earn extra money for your business.

Graphic Artists – You’ve strengthened their brand. Now take your services to the next level.

Web Designers – The client’s site is launched! What do you do next?

Web Developers – You built complex applications for your clients’ WordPress sites. Protect them.

Digital Media Agencies – Do your clients have WordPress websites? Enhance your monthly services.

We are your website maintenance partners, here to keep your client sites running at peak performance. As a WP Scrub Reseller, you offer your clients the WP Scrub program, and we do all the work. All you have to do is invoice them. Here’s how it works:

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Sign up your clients.

Use our easy sign-up form to register your client websites.


We give your client sites a checkup.

We run a diagnostic to make sure they meet WP Scrub standards.


You get a full report.

If a client site doesn’t qualify, we offer recommendations.


Resubmit the site.

Fix the problems listed and resubmit the client site.


Good to go!

Each client site is added to WP Scrub as soon as it qualifies.

Sign Up to Be a WP Scrub Reseller

How much money can you make as a WP Scrub reseller?

The answer is, it’s up to you! When you sign up as a reseller, we charge you a set fee per client website per month. You can choose to upcharge your clients to our suggested retail price. Or, you can bundle WP Scrub with your other monthly services, and charge clients a higher fee to include all your services.

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