How Will You Protect Your WordPress Website?

We’ve Got the Right Prescription for You!

Your website is as important to your business as your health is to you. You stay healthy by exercising and going to your doctor for regular checkups. Your website stays healthy by using WP Scrub.

We are your website doctors, here to keep your site running at peak performance. Our prescription for a healthy website? We Secure, Clean, Restore, Update and Backup your files, database, theme and plugins on a regular basis and when needed.

As our valued client, you have the unique opportunity to take advantage of WP Scrub, our exclusive WordPress protection and maintenance “prescription plan.” Your website deserves the highest level of service. You deserve a reasonable price. Protect your site today with WP Scrub, your prescription plan for success.



Knock knock. Who’s there? Pesky hackers. Defend your site.



Got comment spam? We’ll take out the trash for you. And more!



Yikes!! I made a mistake! Help! No problem. And no extra charge.



Updating your plugins is CRUCIAL! Can you do it? We can for you.



Do you backup your computer daily? Your website needs it too.

Protect Your WordPress Website

Your WordPress website was a big investment for your business. Now protect it. Introducing WP Scrub.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question or two for your friendly WP Scrub experts? Check these FAQs for answers:

How often will you backup my site?

There are two areas to backup in your WordPress website: the database and the files. We backup your website’s database daily, and weekly we backup all your website’s files.

The database stores information such as your pages, blog posts and comments, tags and categories. Your website files include the installation files, plugins, theme, images and code.

It is vitally important to keep up-to-date back-ups of these files. Backups are like insurance. You never know when you will need it, but you are glad you have it when you do.

What does it mean to "update" my site and why do I have to?

When we update your website, we are updating the WordPress software itself (analogous to updating your Windows or Mac operating system); the additional installed plugins; and/or your website theme.

The most important reason to update is security: to prevent hackers from breaking into your site through vulnerabilities exploited in “older” versions of the software.

The other reasons to update your website are: to add new features introduced by new plugin, theme or software versions; and to fix any other “bugs or issues” that the older versions may have.

What happens if you diagnose a problem with my site?

Many problems can be resolved quickly, and we’ll typically do that at no extra charge. If we find that the problem is complex, our approach is to identify the conflict, restore your site back to the most current time it was working correctly, and provide you with a diagnosis of the problem. At this point we will give you an estimate of the cost to fix it.

It’s analogous to you going to your doctor for a check up. Your doctor may want additional tests taken if, for example, your blood pressure is too high. S/he will have the tests done and then give you a diagnosis. After that, you may have to take medication that you would then purchase.